Life List

Bucket list seemed... uh... morbid?

Things I want to do at some point in my life (why WAIT? Do it now!):

As of 2011:
get paid to fly again. get my VFR rating (as a single engine pilot). drive a Model T. drive a Wolseley Hornet. drive an o.s.c.a. maserati. ride a unicycle. base jump. free-dive. walk a high line. learn the charleston. learn to tap dance. grow watermelons. grow sweet potatoes. have a stand at the farmers market (doing!). keep goats. keep peacocks. live in italy. learn(learning!) italian. eat lots of tomatoes. go to more music festivals. go to more state fairs. ride more rollercoasters. publish a cookbook. a couple. learn to skip rocks. learn to grow and hunt mushrooms. attend a meditation retreat. get my yoga instructor certification. finish my wildlife management degree. get my holistic health practitioner certification. live on a warm beach again. live in a warm place again. live in montana. live in hawaii. swim and hike in Hawaii. teach art. paint a mural on the ceiling. make soap. make goat cheese. name a goat betty sue. name a goat Floyd. run a marathon. run a 50 miler. run north face 100. (one day, one day). paint clara bow. paint louise brooks. paint gertrude stein. paint more virgin mary's. paint a buddha in my sunroom. start another art business selling prints and cards. have a booth in an antique mall. become an amateur antique trader. find more photos for my ephemera collection. go to my great grandma's art show before she dies. run more races with my mom. run barefoot on pavement. ( uh.. maybe). bring my brother to italy. go to more of his soccer games. get my family to quit processed foods. hike rim to rim in the grand canyon. hike the PCT (pacific crest trail). hike more of the AT(appalachian trail). explore zion. backpack Ireland. backpack europe. backpack in the badlands. backpack in the redwoods. backpack bighorn, backpack tongass national forest. backpack in wrangell-st. elias. drive the alcan highway. backpack in glacier, MT. backpack in tetons, yosemite, haleakala, capitol reef, big bend, kenai fjords, lassen volcanic, arches, sequoia.. Visit all of the national parks, monuments, memorials. visit seneca falls. see stonehenge. see the pyramids. see leaning tower of pisa. see eiffel tower. see champs-elysees. see taj mahal. Run in all of these places including: India, Africa, Tibet, Greece, Russia, Germany, Spain, all of Asia, New Zealand... and more. get a nikon. have my own dark room studio. have christmas in hawaii. water ski. paraglide. skydive. ride in a helicopter. rescue more blind or old dogs. have an animal rescue/rehab ranch. foster stray animals. another cross country road trip. lots of road trips. learn to ski. snowboard again (where is that thing?). rollerblade again. eat cotton candy again. live in western north carolina again. cross the Mexican border. visit the Virgin Islands. Stand on all 7 continents. all fifty states. juice feast for a month. in hawaii. figure out what I'm allergic to. do the longest zip line in the world. mountain bike in new mexico. have fruit trees. have avocados in my backyard. get rid of my cell phone and computer. at least the cell phone. have a sustainable backyard oasis. live off the grid. bicycle water pump. make my own everything. live in a smaller house. drive my car as fast as it will go. finish books I've started. get rid of some books. get more books. have a bigger reference library. backpack for my 3rd anniversary.  backpack for my 4th anniversary. drink apple cider on my birthday. throw an alaskan birthday party for my cousin. finish the bathroom floor. the kitchen floor. the paint in the studio. tune up my bike. meet maya fiennes. rename my blog. close my etsy account. delete my old website. pick the spinach in my garden. make kelp salsa and pickles. have a grown up tree house. submit some stories/photos to mother earth news. take pictures of my feet everywhere. put stickers on my grandma's suitcase. walk around in old city philly again. leave everything and go to rome. now. yeah.

visit Mexico. learn some spanish. visit the northernmost city in the U.S. (Barrow). travel in Alaska more. Haines, Skagway, Sitka, Ketchikan, Tok, Wasilla, Palmer, Anchorage, Adak, Nome, Kotzebue, Fairbanks, Denali, Prudhoe Bay, Bettles.... visit my great grandma.  quit my job. go back to school. go to sleep earlier.get more ducks. let a chicken raise her chicks. rename my blog. make christmas cards this year. paint the chicken coop.

In progress...

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