Newbie Farmin'

Soo.. our farm doesn't have an official name (yet).. it's just 'the animals' right now.

Let's start out with the furry ones, by seniority:

Mona-the chicken hating-hole digging-mud lovin'-jackal fast-wild old lady..likes to roll on dead animals...was rescued on a road in western NC as a puppy -is named after the Mona Lisa.. for her mysterious ways. She's been camping/hiking/running so many places with me. Hard to see this rebel dog get old. ( 9yrs /60 lbs )

Harmon- dubbed "the marine dog" by my father in law-you can see that "don't mess with the best" look in her eye. Her only fault being her stranger-on-trail, at-the-doorstep or innocent-pumping-gas-in-the-next-car-over aggression, this beefy alpha female is great with wee ones, mother figure to our disabled dogs- has rescued 2 cats on her own, protects me from bears, strange men- is a body pillow, water dog, athlete, my running partner, ball/wubba/frisbee/stick player- is named after Harmon Den Bear Sanctuary in Pisgah National Forest. We almost named her Dixie. (6 yrs/80lbs -rescued from NC shelter as pup). 

Yazhi- navajo for 'little one' -mostly called "the cat," this small voracious bat-rat-vole-mole-killer, bird-beheader, likes to hike (really), hangs out with our chickens (really) and has never bitten or scratched anyone. She's cool for a cat. Harmon rescued her in NC. (5 yrs/4 lbs)

Banjo -the blind from birth, chubby, frozen-turd eating, funky toed, retired cat chaser, ball playing, cuddly, coach potato loves to hike and howl and eat apples, cheese, eggs and oh yeah, turds. Cautious and a little timid, found near death in wooded eastern TN (by Harmon!) He likes the beach the best because he can't run into anything! (4 yrs-25lbs) We like bluegrass.. can you tell? His story.

Benny- cat chasing, one-eyed expert ball finder can howl, yodel and bay for 20 minutes without breathing. He was tortured as a puppy, has 3 1/2 feet, 1 eye (which is blind), but a huge heart and a taste for shoes, dead voles (thanks Yazhi), cardboard toilet paper rolls and freshly showered legs. Rescued as a puppy from Tribeagles in NC. We drove across the country to get him. This lucky little dog got to hike in many national parks on the way. (1 1/2 yr 20 lbs)

In progress... more critters to come!

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  1. Your furbabies are all beautiful :D


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