Thursday, December 30, 2010

Music to Move It To

This is some of what I'm using now. Most of which I would never listen to other than I my headphones, running! haha! But whatever gets me moving, I try. I'd love to hear additional suggestions! I'm not really into rap. In fact, I mostly listen to jazz, reggae, bluegrass and oldies, but I'll try anything (as shown). I like techno, oldies, guitar, blues, and general jam bands for dancin' or workin' out. I'm going to to need revamp this list soon! Looking at it, I see how many I just skip now! 

Rehab                        Amy Winehouse                                                           
Boom Boom Pow    BEP       
Bertha Grateful Dead
John Lee Hooker Boom, Boom
Theivery Corporation Lebanese Blonde                                   
Shake It to the Ground (Featuring Rye Rye)            Dj Blaqstarr                       
Shake It Naughty (Fixx vs. Electric Soulside Mix)         DJ FIxx
Don’t Look Now                        Far East Movement                   
I Feel It All                        Feist                                            
Fergalicious                        Fergie  (oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm admitting this..)    
Hardcore Girls        Rye Rye                            
Lip Gloss                        Lil Mama                                               
20 Dollar                        M.I.A.              (awesome interval song.. I love using this on windy trails too)       
World Town                   M.I.A.                                   
XR2                               M.I.A.            
Ching-a-Ling                        Missy Elliott    ("gettin' paid ova heeer")                                          
Work It                        Missy Elliott                                               
We Run This (Stick It Edit)     Missy Elliott           
Fluff (DJ Fixx Remix)                        Nylon Pink           
Babylicious (Continuous DJ Mix By Baby Anne)                                               
Hey Ya! (Radio Mix/Club Mix)                   OutKast         (shake it like a polaroid picsha!)                     
Jerk It                        Thunderheist            Thunderheist    (work it til ya stomach hurtin')                       
Je Veux Te Voir                        Yelle            Je Veux Te Voir                                   
Big Heavy                        Amanda Blank    
Shame on Me   Amanda Blank                                                       
Ground & Pound (Mixed By Baby Anne)  
Baby's on the Decks   Baby Anne                                 
Pulse Drumapella                        Baby Anne                                   
Imma Be            Black Eyed Peas      (I'm burnt out on the peas.. but maybe they'll get ya a few miles)  
Lose Control (feat. Ciara & Fat Man Scoop)    Missy Elliott           (great intro)
Loser (feat. Ce'cile)            Lady Saw       (the queen of reggae!)    
Chat to Mi Back            Lady Saw                                  
Make It Take It            Amanda Blank                       
Might Like You Better          Amanda Blank           
Take It to the Ground      Baby Anne & Eros    (love eros!)       
You Know I'm No Good       Amy Winehouse       (whinehouse is about to go...)    
Monkey Man            Amy Winehouse                                                                       
Trippin On the Bass   Baby Anne                                                                       
Sea Lion Woman            Feist                                                           
Love Me or Hate Me            Lady Sovereign      (ridiculous lyrics, great beat for intervals)                    
Doo Wop (That Thing)  Lauryn Hill                                   
Fuck You            Lily Allen          (just makes me laugh when I need distraction from pain)                   
Everythings Just Wonderful   Lily Allen                                                           
A Cause Des Garcons    Yelle          
Almost all of Flogging Molly is on my list
Some Toots and the Maytals, Peter Tosh

Here is a beautiful scene from the beach near the trail I run.


  1. I get motivated listening to Paramore and Linkin Park. However, I usually listen to a podcast called "Risk" because it makes time fly and is very funny.

  2. Oh, I'll have to check Risk out! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Alaska looks gorgeous!!! I'm jealous :)


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