Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Wonderland Running (and mileage increase!)

Oooh, how I love running in the snow! Having the proper 'equipment' this winter (and a lot more miles behind me) has made my snow run the highlight of my day.  Maybe it's how bright everything looks when it's white out, and I'm craving light. Maybe it's just the quiet and the change of scenery. I love that I can't help but work harder in snow! It's a huge boost in effort. I 'd rather be booking it across the snow, gliding kind of, instead of dragging my foot up and out. At least it feels easier once I get going.  In other exciting news, I increased my mileage! I ran an additional 2.5 miles today! I meant to increase only .5 to 1 mile at a time, however, I had no choice unless I wanted to cut through the woods and there was no guarantee I'd know where I was. On top of that, I felt great! We'll see how it goes next time, but I'm positive I can keep those 2.5 miles tacked on and work back up to my summer mileage again by spring or so? It's harder than I thought keeping my base training (much less adding on) during the Alaska winter.

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  1. From the time I have started reading the articles you have been posting, I have become very keen in learning more and more. Now I can proudly say that I know little and that too thanks to you!!!



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