Monday, June 20, 2011

DIY Mondays~ Spruce Tip Tea

Maybe some of you Northwesterners need a quick inner slacker spruce tip recipe. Here it is!

Spruce Tip Tea:
1) Pick young spruce tips with brown paper casing still on
2) Remove papers, crumble onto dehydrator trays or mesh tray that you can leave in a warm place
3) Leave out or dehydrate until full dry
4) Jar and use as you would any loose tea!

Sweet and lemony smelling, Spruce Tip tea is good for the winter sore throat and congestion. Although, the older the spruce tips, the stronger the tea. If you want to eat your spruce tips, or make syrup, shortbread or salads with them, use the youngest, tender tips.


Thanks for your input!

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