Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ani Phyo's Red Pepper "Hummus" Bean Free

I love savory dips and spreads. This is my take on Ani Phyo's Red Pepper Hummus from her new book Raw Food Essentials:

1 Red Pepper chopped
1/4 cup sesame seeds (ground first into a powder is best)
1 1/2-2 Tbs Tahini
1 clove garlic
pinch of parsley or 1 tsp chopped cilantro

Ani Phyo adds lemon and cumin-and her proportions are different, also omit parsley/cilantro. You can get creative here. I've always loved zucchini hummus, but red pepper hummus was an awesome surprise! Delicious, healthy and perfect for sandwiches, chips or veggies!
Shown here on a Zucchini Bread sandwich. Isn't the color fabulous!?

It is 8 degrees here, so it's warming up. However, the wind chill is 25 below! Forecast to be 35 below from tonight on through 2 days! So, sadly, I'll be hitting the treadmill. Yesterday, I reluctantly called a 2nd rest day because of the weather, and it's only getting colder and windier. The air is so cold to breathe, you get nose bleeds and man does it hurt! So, treadmill, here I come.


  1. Woah, that looks awesome! Any time I can find something new to do with a bell pepper, I'm there. I'm happy to have found your blog!

  2. Totally! I love bell peppers!


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