Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tonic "Sunkist"

For those of you trying to avoid soda; I've got a great recipe for you. I started drinking Q Tonic with gin over the summer. Then I started making fake n tonics to cut back on alcohol. You can use any citrus fruit (strawberry too, get creative). It doesn't work as well with plain tonic (which by the way has corn syrup in it) but works okay with seltzer, with some agave (or plain sugar) mixed in.
1 cup Ice
1/2 orange (or any citrus fruit, squeezed or juiced)
Tonic water

Ice in the glass, pour/squeeze in the juice, then top off with the tonic! (mix the sugar and juice forst if you aren't using tonic- about 1/2 tsp for a glass). Refreshing, bubbly and delish! Enjoy!

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